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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I access all areas of the online library? 

Visitors and students are allowed access to certain areas of the online library. AFI has 3 levels of access that require certain eligibility.  High level access must acquire a password provided by the admissions department. 

Program Enrolled Student Access (Level A)


Program enrolled students have the highest level of access.  Students are able to access, view, and download any information in the shared files library including free online classes for the duration of their program. 

Site Member Access (Level B)


The site member access allows registered site members to view certain areas of the library using a password.  This access does not allow viewing and downloading of information provided to program enrolled students. 

Browse (Level C)

Anyone on the web may browse the library but have limited access to information.  Visitors are not required to become site members. 

To receive access to levels A and B you must submit a Library Access Request form or (LAR)  

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